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AI for the real world 

We offer a universal pattern recognition solution applicable to any kind of analog signal.

Our approach, mirroring the functioning of biological systems, is capable of achieving superior results with minimal training data and optimal energy efficiency

Analog signals

Privacy - Local

Energy efficient


A single device, any analog signal 

  • no cloud computing

  • no internet connection

Privacy guaranteed 

  • Edge AI

  • Local

  • Real-time

  • No data recording - by construction 

Extreme energy efficiency 

bio-mimicking spiking neurons based on spintronic hardware


Applications and Project

Our application is based on analog signals and our present approach is to provide solutions by using our bio-mimicking magnetic neuron in predictive maintenance.

About Golana Computing

Golana-Computing is a new start-up company, created in 2023, spin-off from Spintec-CNRS.

We are exploiting a recent scientific and technological breakthrough in the design and fabrication of bio-mimicking magnetic neurons.

Image de Florian Olivo
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